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I reported on corruption at Wikipedia, so be sure to read the unbiased and accurate Violet Blue bio here.

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The second time I reported on corruption at Wikipedia, I joined a few other journalists who have been targeted by Jimmy Wales - he emails our editors and attempts to have us removed from reporting on Wikipedia. In my case, he even suggested a replacement.

At the same time, Mr. Wales told the public through on his Wikipedia “Talk” page that I’m not a journalist or to be considered credible. Shortly afterward, everything on the Wikipedia page about me citing and documenting my career as a journalist was removed, as were related links on Wikipedia to stories I broke writing for CBS. Even though the story I broke on CNET about paid PR Wikipedia editing launched an internal investigation, a subsequent change of rules and resulted in at least one high-profile resignation - it is nowhere to be found on Wikipedia. Not even on Wikipedia’s own “controversies” page that includes the scandal but links to everything except the originating reporting: mine.

The Wikipedia page about me is slanted and biased against any of my accomplishments in any arena, and remains typically inaccurate, and is in no way an unbiased or complete article about me, my contributions, my life, or my work.

So here I’ve compiled a bit of what’s left out - my work in journalism, ongoing, by subject (list below is in progress - there is much more, on my sex writing and a few of the many articles about me, here):


Corruption in Wikiland? Paid PR scandal erupts at Wikipedia (CNET 9/12, original/breaking)

Wikipedia honcho caught in scandal quits, defends paid edits (CNET 9/12, original/breaking)

Wikimedia U.K. faces ethics probe, funding squeeze (CNET 10/12, original/breaking)

BP accused of rewriting environmental record on Wikipedia (CNET 3/13, original/breaking)

Big Oil’s Wikipedia cleanup: A brand management experiment out of control (ZDNet 3/13, original/breaking)

My “Hackonomics” series

Hackonomics: The cost of getting caught (ZDNet 4/14)

Hackonomics: Street prices for black market bugs (ZDNet 3/14)

Hackonomics: Stolen Twitter accounts ‘more valuable’ than credit cards (ZDNet 3/14)

Hackonomics: ‘Cyber Black Market’ more profitable than illegal drug trade (ZDNet 3/14)


Researchers reveal how to hack an iPhone in 60 seconds (ZDNet 7/13)

Hackers: Here’s how Apple’s iMessage surveillance flaw works (video) (ZDNet 8/13)

Apple’s iCloud cracked: Lack of two-factor authentication allows remote data download (ZDNet 8/13)

Major Apple security flaw: Patch issued, users open to MITM attacks (2/14)

Apple censors Lawrence Lessig over warranty information; iOS 7 mess grows (ZDNet 8/13)

Apple Ignores iPhone 4S Audio Problem, Faces Backlash (ZDNet 1/12)

Why the Apple, FBI and AntiSec UDID debacle won’t go away (CNET 9/12)

The Apple fanboy problem (ZDNet 2/12, original; John Gruber lied about me)

Macworld 2012: The Island of Misfit Toys (ZDNet 1/12, original)

Macworld 2012: Conference at a crossroads (ZDNet 1/12, original)

Apple Ignores iPhone 4S Audio Problem, Faces Backlash (ZDNet 2/12, original)

Why the problem with Siri matters (ZDNet 12/11)

The spontaneous San Francisco Apple Store Memorial for Steve Jobs (ZDNet 10/11, original)

The Lost iPhone 5: More Questions Than Answers - UPDATED (ZDNet 9/11)

WWDC 2011: No Innovation From Apple, Developer Discontent (ZDNet 6/11, original)


Is Google’s next product in the White House privacy report? (ZDNet 5/14)

AdSense leak controversy heats up as Google denies favoritism, theft allegations (ZDNet 4/14)

AdSense leaker rebuts Google’s denial, claims to hold proof (ZDNet 4/14)

'Google outed me' (ZDNet 2/14)

Forced Google Plus integration on YouTube backfires, petition hits 112,000 (ZDNet 11/13)

Where Google spends its PAC money on Capitol Hill (CNET 8/12)

Pseudonyms on Google Plus? Wrong. (ZDNet 1/12, original)

Google’s Pseudonym Problem: New Implementation Revealed (ZDNet 1/12, original)

2011: Nymwars Year Zero (ZDNet 12/11, original)

Google Plus: Fast, Cheap and Out of Control (ZDNet 7/11, original)

Google Plus Deleting Accounts En Masse: No Clear Answers (ZDNet 7/11, I was first to report the Nymwars story)

Four Things Google Plus Could Do To Fix Google Plus (ZDNet 7/11, original)

Google Plus: Too Much Unnecessary Drama (ZDNet 8/11)

Google steps up its privacy game, launches Good To Know (ZDNet 10/11)


Facebook e-mail mess: Address books altered; e-mail lost (CNET 6/12, original/breaking)

Facebook email swap may have lost addresses (CBS News 6/12, cross-post breaking)

Apple iOS 6 and the Facebook email address lock-in (ZDNet 6/12)

Facebook’s e-mail debacle: One ‘bug’ fix, but rollback impossible (CNET 7/12)

Questions mount as Facebook advertisers lose to clickbots (CNET 8/12)

Norton: Android app skips consent, gives Facebook servers user phone numbers (ZDNet 6/13, original/breaking)

Anger mounts after Facebook’s ‘shadow profiles’ leak in bug (6/13, original/breaking)

Firm: Facebook’s shadow profiles are ‘frightening’ dossiers on everyone (ZDNet 6/13, original/breaking)

Firm: Facebook ‘bug’ worse than reported; non-users also affected (ZDNet 6/13, original/breaking)

Study: stalking your ex on Facebook is bad for you (ZDNet 10/12)

Facebook Privacy Notice: Fake (ZDNet 6/12)

On eve of Facebook IPO, Sunlight exposes $3 billion tax break (ZDNet 5/12, breaking)

Flashmob privacy protests target Facebook tomorrow: New York, San Francisco (ZDNet 5/12, original)

Facebook’s Leet Speak translates Female to Sandwich Maker (ZDNet 1/12, original)

Facebook Finally Removes Its Pro-Rape Pages (ZDNet 11/11, original)

Facebook Porn and Gore Exploit Spiraling Out Of Control (ZDNet 11/11)


Anonymous hacks US Sentencing Commission, distributes files (ZDNet 1/13, original/breaking)

US Sentencing website hacked into video game “Asteroids” (ZDNet 1/13, original/breaking)

Anonymous re-hacks US Sentencing site into video game Asteroids (ZDNet 1/13, original/breaking)

Feds stumbling after Anonymous launches ‘Operation Last Resort’ (ZDNet 1/13, original/breaking)

Anonymous posts over 4000 U.S. bank executive credentials (ZDNet 2/13 - breaking “The Fed” hack)

Anger rises as Fed confirms Anonymous hack, downplays US bank emergency system breach (ZDNet 2/13, original)

Anonymous reveals ample Fed access, FBI opens criminal investigation (ZDNet 2/13, original)

Anonymous State of the Union threat is official: What you should know (ZDNet 2/13, original)

Anonymous OpLastResort hacks investment firm, cites Stratfor ties (ZDNet 2/13)

Anonymous hacking spree hits PayPal, Symantec (CNET 11/12)

Anonymous: Anti-surveillance protest tomorrow (CNET 10/12)

Anonymous Vows Destruction of Facebook on Guy Fawkes Day (ZDNet 8/11)

Anonymous Attacks Child Porn Websites and Publish User Names (ZDNet 10/11)

Global TrapWire, INDECT protest planned Saturday, October 20 (ZDNet 8/12)

PayPal, Symantec hacked as Anonymous begins November 5 hacking spree (ZDNet 5/12)

Vivid photos from 5th November 2012 V For Vendetta protest, London (ZDNet 5/12)


Say ‘hello’ to CISPA, it will remind you of SOPA (CNET 4/12, breaking/original)

First Privacy Bill of Rights meeting: Mobile apps targeted (CNET 6/12)

UK Porn Filter

Sorting the Great British Firewall (CNET 5/12)

New UK ISP porn filter: a tragedy of transparency, privacy and security (ZDNet 10/11, original)


U.N. readies for protests on eve of secret Internet regulation treaty (ZDNet 11/12, original)

Exclusive: ITU ‘failed,’ says former policy chief (CNET 12/12, original)

U.S. now ‘totally unified’ in opposition of U.N. Internet governance (ZDNet 5/12)

WCIT-12 leak shows Russia, China, others seek to define ‘government-controlled Internet’ (ZDNet 8/12)

U.N. WCIT-12 makes Syrian Internet blackout ‘trivial’ everywhere (ZDNet 6/12, original)

UN plans Internet governance amid outcry to defund ITU (ZDNet 6/13)

U.N.’s ITU pursues Internet control — again — this week (ZDNet 5/13)

FCC to Congress: U.N.’s ITU Internet plans ‘must be stopped’ (ZDNet 2/13)

Bad Apps

How to lie, cheat and steal like Snapchat — all the way to the bank (ZDNet 5/14)

Predictably, Snapchat user database maliciously exposed (ZDNet 1/14)

Researchers publish Snapchat code allowing phone number matching after exploit disclosures ignored (ZDNet, breaking/original 1/13)

Researcher: Snapchat names, aliases, phone numbers vulnerable (CNET 8/13)

Why you should be worried about facial-recognition technology (CNET 8/12, original)

Cloud Girlfriend Open To All: Hard Lessons For Dating Sims (ZDNet 5/11)

Dot-XXX (.XXX), ICANN and ICM Registry

The future of vanity TLDs: Porn’s .XXX business plan (ZDNet 7/11, original)

Major Porn Sites Sue ICANN Over .XXX (ZDNet 11/11)

More Tech Bad Behavior

Silicon Valley’s Race Problem (ZDNet 10/11, original)


A DEF CON postscript: Said the FBI agent to the taxi driver (ZDNet 8/13)

Asperger’s study asks: Are hackers cognitively different? (CNET 9/12, original)

Tech’s Relationship With Depression, Suicide and Asperger’s (ZDNet 12/11, original)